My name is St├ęphane Daniel.
I'm a French male living in the UK.
I work as a Technical Account Manager at CyberSource a Visa Company.
You can find me on sDaniel.net, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Flickr, Spotify, Last FM.

This website is one of my personal project I made in order to optimise my work flow and help a few of my colleagues. Indeed I like to automate as many process as possible in order to avoid repetitive task and human errors. Not all of my tools are available on this website, I make tools based on my needs and using whichever language is most convenient at the time. Should you need something in particular feel free to message me, my motto is "Everything Is Possible" well almost [...] usually the question is more about whether a solution is usable.

St├ęphane Daniel
Keep Calm and Chive On!